English to Hindi Meaning

How to translate English to Hindi (अंग्रेजी से हिंदी अर्थ)

Our website provides you the facility to English to Hindi Meaning. Here are the steps to translate the English language into Hindi using our website:

  • Go to our website”translatetohindi.net/english-to-hindi-meaning” by typing the website URL.
  • You will notice two boxes on-screen, one on the right side and the other on the left side.
  • Type your text in the box at the left side box.
  • Then click on the button that says “Translate”.
  • You will get the translated Hindi text in the right box.

English to Hindi Meaning

Top five free English to Hindi translators

Here are the top five English to Hindi free translators:

  1. English to Hindi translator / Meaning
  2. Google translator
  3. Bing translator
  4. Microsoft Translator
  5. ImTranslator


English to Hindi translator:

You can translate any language into Hindi and other languages by “Translate to Hindi” translator. Moreover, its extension feature allows it to translate various languages into another language.

Google Translate:

Google translator can translate any language into another one through their website. This translator also provides a “Google extension” for web browser. You can add this extension from Google store on your browser. It also has a mobile application for Android and Apple users. 

Bing Translator:

You can use Bing translator if you want to translate a single word, phrase or a whole conversation. It stands at third rank after “Google” and “Translate to Hindi” among the top five translators. Its user interface has two boxes one for your text and another for translation output.

Microsoft Translator:

You can access Microsoft translator if you sign-in to your Microsoft account. Otherwise, you will need to subscribe to Microsoft to use Microsoft translator. However, it gives a smaller number of languages translation as compared to our translator and Google translator.


ImTranslator is the fifth among top five translators. You can use it for your language translation as it provides extensions to your browser, just like Google.

How we translate English to Hindi

To translate from one language into another, we use Google Translator API. Our website “TranslateToHindi.net” not only translates a language into Hindi, but also translates among other languages. API is a set of rules to build a software. By using our website, you can get any language translated into another language with just a simple click. We provide the translation of more than 100 languages to our users by using Google API translator. 

Benefits of using English to Hindi Translator

Our website “Translate English to Hindi” provides you the translation of English language into Hindi language. There are numerous advantages of it. Some of them are listed below:

  • Easy access to our website.
  • It reduces communication gap. Communicate with a person easily even if he does not know Hindi or if you are not familiar with English.
  • You can learn new language using our website, including English, Hindi and many more.
  • You can expand your business by using this software and translate your text into any language. 



Useful links:

  1. English to Hindi Meaning
  2. Google Translate / Google extension / Android app / Apple app
  3. Bing Translator
  4. Microsoft Translator
  5. ImTranslator