Translate English to Malayalam

How to translate English to Malayalam

We provide the facility to translate English to Malayalam. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Enter the website link and go to our site, “” 
  • Two boxes will be available on both the left and right sides of the page.
  • In the left-side box, type English text you want to translate. 
  • Click the Translate button below.
  • You will get translated text in the right box. 

Translate English to Malayalam

Top five free English to Malayalam translators

The list of top five free English to Malayalam translators includes:

  1. Translate English to Malayalam –
  2. Google Translation
  3. Bing translate
  4. Microsoft Translation
  5. ImTranslator


Translate English to Malayalam –

Our translator is the best translator, which provides English language translation into Malayalam. It has the extension feature, capable of interpretation between any two languages. 

Google Translation

Google translator is one of the top five translators. It can translate any language into another one. It has a mobile application that operates on Android and Apple software and a “Google extension” for windows. You can add this extension from the Google store to your browser. 

Bing Translation

Bing translator comes after “Google” and “Translate To Hindi” websites. Its user interface has two boxes, one for writing your text and the other for translation. By using this translator, you can convert a single word, a whole sentence, or even a full conversation. 

Microsoft Translation 

To use Microsoft translator, first, you will need to sign-in with Microsoft account. Alternatively, you will need to subscribe to Microsoft to use this translator. As compared to Google translator and, it still provides fewer language translations.


ImTranslator at the end of this list of Top five translators. However, it provides an extension to your browser like Google.

How we translate English to Malayalam

Our website, “Translate to Hindi” gives you the facility of translating a language into Hindi as well as other words into one another. For this purpose, we use Google Translator API. API is the set of rules that are the main components in Software building. By using the API of Google translates, we provide you the translation of over 100 languages into one another. You can use our translator to get the translation of any language into another one in just a single click of a button.

Benefits of using English to Malayalam Translator

Our website, “Translate to Hindi” provides you the translation of the English language to the Malayalam language. Following are some of the incredible benefits of our website:

  • If you are communicating with a Malayalam-speaking person and you are talking in English, then you can easily communicate with that other person even if he does not know English or if you do not know Malayalam.
  • You can learn a completely new language, like Malayalam or English by using our website.
  • Our translator is Free of cost so that anyone can afford it. 
  • You can expand your business globally by using this translator and communicating with people belonging to different languages.



Useful links:

  1. Translate English to Malayalam
  2. Google Translate / Google extension / Android app / Apple app
  3. Bing Translator
  4. Microsoft Translator
  5. ImTranslator